0.45A, No boot - Just to confirm?


Quick question for the people that have had 0.45A, no boot switches. Does the voltage show 5v or 4.65v in your experience?

I have a few boards here that show 4.65v 0.45A and I’ve put this down to Main IC failure but just wanted to see what other people have been getting on the voltage side when they get a 0.45A failure.

apparently it can often be the eemc as well

It’s hard to put a correct figure on the voltage as there are variations across Switches but also with the tools you’re using to measure. I’ve got a couple of USB current and voltage measuring devices and they give me slightly different readings.

If you’ve got Switch boards that pull around 0.4A and don’t boot, then there are a whole load of things that can cause this before concluding it’s the SOC. Examples include:

  • PMIC power rail shorts [MAX77620],
  • Faulty fuel gauge IC [MAX17050],
  • CPU buck failure [MAX77621],
  • Battery sense wire connection failure,
  • EMMC failure/missing/corrupted and
  • being stuck in AutoRCM mode

Good luck!

Bonjour, est ce que vous pourrez m’aidé j’ai un bon voltage qui est 5v mais 0.60A ou cela peut venir merci de votre aide