1.04v on vbus, no shorts but no power draw

hi guys. been a while since i fixed some switches. got the weirdest one yet. No shorts on any ic caps but its pulling no amps. also in i only get voltage up the middle of the board before getting to the m92. the bq is dead also but i know the board is getting voltage because the first few caps coming off the port carry 4.8v

also i used my breakout board to check the pins on diode mode and i get 1.05 on the vbus lines. ive replaced the bq and the m92 with no draw still. what else should i be looking at? i should at least be getting some voltage i would think

P13 and fuel gauge would be my suspect

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okay i have spare p13’s. wheres the fuel gauge?

Right behind the battery connector on the other side.

see it… the ic or the thing with white letters?

It’s the tiny IC with 9 balls

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