A mangled usb c port what was this guy even trying to do

Just got this fella in and lets say I have my doubts about fixing it lol. Not only did the person who owned this just straight up rip the usb c right off the board they broke the inductor. Does anyone know what inductor works with the switch?
I cleared out the usb c port holes which fix it to the board when those legs are stuck in there it is murder. I tried wick but it just wouldnt suck it out. Eventually I had to hit it with more heat than I would prefer and suck them out. one filter on p13 usb fell of and will never be seen again luckily I have extras. Doing all these pads is going to be hell , I suppose I could use the old pads , he gave me the mangled usb c port and they are all still on there, and just epoxy them to the board and put some mask over the solder I use to connect it to the old joints. I also have 30 gauge wire and was thinking about just wiring it to the switch instead of utilizing the pads.

Anyway to sum up send your switch to a repair person people lol before its this bad.

It’s going to be hell… Regardless of the method.
I think easier (still paitfull) will be to solder the wire to every leg of the usb c and then to the points of the board when the pad should be connected.

Replace the mother board. Don’t even mess with it.

found out where to solder to on the motherboard instead of using the pads looks easy peasy but time consuming

just add, few years ago i tested a variety of epoxy/resins to see if any would tolerate solder temps… short answer no, none, green uv mask works best still, and for best hold on reconstructed pads over apply it and heat to 100c before curing with UV then sand of excess mask with >1000g sandpaper then tin

i agree this is an easy fix, wish this was the extent of my board repairs these days (this plus 10 other problems)… all vias are intact no need for jumper wire just simple pad reconstruction