Animal Crossing New Horizons Console Lock

Hi All,

Apologies is this is the wrong place to go, but I couldn’t think of any other forum that would have the knowledge to actually understand, and answer this question. If this is the wrong place, please do let me know where else I can go to get such a question answered. I have an old switch I borrowed from my brother, and I had ordered the new switch which just arrived due to all the back orders. I started animal crossing new horizons on my brother’s switch, and only found out recently that nintendo does console locking even though it has cloud save … meaning that my 700+ hrs is locked to my brother’s switch … I was wondering if I could rip the hard drive off of my brother’s old switch, and put it into the new one I bought? I understand that I can just give my brother the new switch, but I kind of wanted the new switch 2.0. In either case, any insights would be extremely appreciated!