Another Switch Drawing 15v, .48 Amps - Second Stage Boot Issues?

Yeah. In a last ditch effort, I did reflow the SOC. Figured I didn’t have much to lose at this point. Everything went ok, but no change. Same. Exact. Symptoms.

Ah well, I think I’ve taken this as far as my limited troubleshooting skills can. Thankfully I got the thing for dirt cheap and it came with a nice screen, so not a total loss. Sigh

As always, thanks a blast for your suggestions. On how getting the LCD ribbon cable back in. It’s been smooth sailing since I’ve implemented some of your tips.

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I’ve had a few with the same symptoms. One was a bad EN (easy fix), another a bad EMMC (which I got to work again with a modchip, but it’s not able to get online), and 3 others were just bad SOC. And I mean bad “bad”, as in even reballing them didn’t get them to work.
Also, you’ll learn more through Severence’s posts than the wiki (I went through that path as well :wink:)

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