Are APUs swappable between different generation boards?


I’m new here and already read a bit in the forum, great pleace, solid advice!

I was wondering if it’s possible to swap APU/Nand between different generation boards or if it has to go back to a same generation board? I couldn’t find a conclusive answer and hope somebody here may help me out.

boards marked CPU-01 and CPU-02 you can (IE original Patched and unpatched revisions)

While I don’t know for sue I dont think SoC’s from the above boards would work on Mariko rev boards (Think theyr’e marked HAD-xyz I forget) as the Mariko revs use a different CPU/GPU buck reg, while theye effectively connect to the same pinout as the original switch SoC I suspect the CPU/GPU buck likely has a different start up procedure … though I’m just guessing, I’ve never tride to transplant an original SoC to a “Mariko” board

I would guess an SoC swap between Mariko boards and switch Lites would also be fine, but again I’ve not tried myself

OK thanks for the info! I have to practice my reballing skills before I try to attempt such surgery :wink: