Black screen not the ic's but still shorts


I’m kinda new to this forum, but when I was little I always played with electronics. Now my question is I have a Nintendo switch with black screen I removed the max77620 and the m92 but still I get shorts on the caps next to the max77620 does any one know where these caps go to?
I marked the shorted caps with red circles

If someone has any ideas or tips pleas contact me or post in this topic :pray:


Would guess the caps your talking about aren’t actually shorted to ground, instead of measuring continuity put your meter in resistance mode and lemme know the resisance to ground on the caps in question.

Black screen and no boot logos could be battery connector joint issues, fuel gauge issues, EMMC issues, BQ issues (rare) and a couple of other things, can you take some hi res photos of all those things so I can take a look and in regards to the EMMC a photo front and back of the modules PCB

How do I get a picture on her it says I can’t embed media or add a link

You’ll be able to post images after a few posts, in the meantime add from ext image hoster add spaces or

imgur(dot)com/xyz (for example)

Ooow oké thanks


Update I removed all a few ic’s (m92 and both max77) I removed the 3 caps only the middle has no continuity the other 2 still have

The upper 1ste cap has a reading of 12 ohm
Second is 13.6 ohm
The last 12.3 ohm
If I do the left side of the cap and ground

The single cap on the other side has no continuity but the points have I also removed that one to check

This is normal on Mariko, not your issue, the IC’s you’ve removed are not at fault, you’ll have to reball with stencils and solder paste and reinstall before going forward :slight_smile:

I found that 2 pins on the bq chip where burned and one side of a cap but the cap doesn’t seem shorted can that be a problem?

Possibly, which two pins?


The lines are the burned pins and the circle is the side of the cap that was burned I re tinned the pins and put back all ic’s and am back where I started with the same reaction in dock that the light goes on/off

Both lines are already tied together so likely not you issue.

What light? the green status light?

If yes probably M92 issue or fuel gauge, photos of the areas I mentioned earlier would be helpful, high res shots not phone screen captures :slight_smile: