Black Screen, RCM works, short on SDA?

Hello everyone
It´s my first post here and with that a confusing probelm with a Switch.

I got it with a broke LCD. Replaced it, than all what i got was a BSOD.
Bad luck, it is an unpatched one so i tried to get some infos via RCM.

Strange is, only payloads work wich use a text only mode.
Hekate for example only starts without SD-Card.

i replaced MT92T36, BQ24193 but nothing changed.
The Switch seems to charge, too.
Meanwhile the BSOD dissapeard but i can enter RCM only via removed eMMC now.
I found a new hint with Tegraexplorer wich shows no info about the battery. 0 charging and 0 battery capacity.

I dissoldered Max17050 and found short to ground on the red marked pin (can´t use pics here :frowning: its the lower left ball/pin), wich should be “SDA” reading from the datasheet.
What else than the digitizer controller, fuel gauge and the tegra uses I2C wich can cause a short to ground ?

Is it possible that a menu like hekate in normal mode needs a “higher”

power stage wich the tegra blocks cause of the unknown battery status ?

I´m thankful for every hint for this confusing Switch :slight_smile:

greetings Rotary