Blue light of death (kind of)

So I got a ps4 with no hard drive in it, turned it on and it booted up to a screen saying cant read storage, later I put a known working hard drive from another ps4 and it will stay on the blue light for hours while booting up, and never gets past it, I want to fix it, but I’m not sure if I can, it also has issues with the power button only when hard drive is installed.

I took it apart and did dusting, didn’t look for liquid damage, so it’s possible it could be liquid damaged

Did you format the harddrive from another ps4 before plugin?

No, I didn’t know I had to since it was coming from a ps4

try if you can go into safe mode with HDD.
I remember with unmatched system files/HDD, ps4 will stuck on blod

I’m actually dealing with this as well with a PS4 slim. Had to download the PS4 software from sony’s website with a flashdrive and reinitialize the harddrive from safemode with the flashdrive inserted. This fixed the initial problem, but the system boots up really slow. Found out it could be a faulty APU chip.

I cant do anything when the hard drive is inserted, it stays on blue light, and when holding the button to try to go into safe mode the second beep just turns it off