Blue light stays on but screens don't turn on

Hi guys,
I have a Nintendo 3DS XL laying around and it does exactly as the title says. When i turn it on the blue light goes on and stays on but my screens don’t show anything. Anyone any idea what the cause of this might be?

Thanks in advance!

Mmm, nothing good. I would see if it is hacked but missing files on the sdcard first. If its not that I dont know. I have a 2ds xl that does the same and can only be tured off with a long press if the power.

Too bad it didn’t come with an SD card… Any idea how to solve that issue?

Any micro sdcard would do, you just need to google the files needed to get godmode9 working and put them in the right place.
As you have a 3ds rather than 2ds, you could also try reseating the network card.
I would also just google 3ds black screen of death. Theres a lot if stuff out there to try.