Broken Switch Joycon

I tore off the motherboad the little part that connects to the battery of the joycon. I am not sure what it is called, but what I meant to do was to just disconnect the battery so I could swap the shell, but instead I used too much force on the wrong part and the whole thing came off the motherboard.
Is it something that I could fix at home? Or would the tools be too expensive for it to be worth it? According to one of the videos I saw usually it could be soldered back, but I have nothing to do it and it’s really freaking small.
Maybe I should just try bringing it to a repair shop since I know what the issue is? I am no professional or anything, just interested in these things and wanted to try it.
The dock shell swap went much better…

If you are not able to repair it yourself, it might be cheaper to sell this broken one and buy another used one in good condition.

I second calvin here. If you dont own the tools or have the knowledge to do this work, a new joycon mobo would almost certainly be cheaper than taking it to a shop for part replacement. You could probably buy a set of brand new joycons for what a shop would charge to do the repair.