BSOD please help!

Hi! my friend has a spare switch that has the blue screen of death, and he is willing to give it to me, only problem is, it won’t do anything, it will charge. then go blue. it also had a moment where it showed the main screen, tho a small part was black and another part was rgb stripes

It also has been dropped before!

Take it apart and press down on the ram chip, if it boots normal then most likely the ram chip needs a reflow or reball

Im getting it tomorrow and will try your suggestion! thanks!

So I took it apart and put it back together and it worked, however tapping the screen a little too much would give it glitchy spots and it would freeze, and then it blue screened again later today. I think it might be the screen. No shorts anywhere of concern. This is a used one, and I have it disassembled now. what do I do? it also had a dead spot in the mid of the screen, but i turned up sensitivity and then it worked.

sounds for all the world like bad joints/pads on SoC or Ram, try putting downward pressure on ram or SoC while the console is booted and see if you can trigger or resolve glitchy graphics in the process.

Side note: display assembly isn’t bent or warped is it?

Its slightly warped but if you didn’t check you wouldn’t notice.

Hola amigo, yo me dedico a reparar nintenido Switch, y por experiencia te puedo decir que si es reboleo forzoso del SOC. Ten cuidado al precionar el procesador, ya que puedes dañar algún pad en la parte baja del procesador y será más complicada la reparacion si no tienes un microscopio. Saludos.

Gracias señor, intentaré tener cuidado. i will also mention i did a factory reset and i am getting joy cons tomorrow. it has blue screened again so i will try pressing on the SOC.

so I take it apart and put it back together and it works for a short amount of time, then it will blue screen.

I thought Google translation of the above was pretty funny

Don’t worry no rebellion :wink: will occur by putting slight downward pressure on the SoC, provided you don’t exert substantially more pressure than the heatsink did originally.

What happened while putting downward pressure on the Ram modules while the console was booted into Hos, did it trigger or resolve the fault? If it did, then that’s your problem.

Hi @Severence it booted up in the blue screen and nothing happened while putting downforce on the SoC. at this point I think its the screen.

I also got my joy cons yesterday and put them on, the put the switch on the dock, when i got up, the joycons had barely any charge, my right one was on the verge of turning on, left one was dead. these are brand new ones as well.

If you disconnect battery and power from the console, what’s your resistance to ground at pin 6 of M92?

Just to note: I was referring to the Ram also.

It’s not the LCD at fault, though if you want to verify, next time it BSODs put it in the dock i would guess you get no output or other on the TV

The screen is pretty curved, but which pin is 6th?

On my 2k resistance check, all of the resistors were 0.012-0.014

@Severence Is that Good?

One probe on ground and one probe on pin 6

Can you show a pic of pin 6? I’m really new to this.