Can anyone ID this component?

I got a switch and the previous owner tried to replace the FPC joy con connector and knocked a lot of stuff off the back, looking at another board this IC is missing from the one I bought, but no one seems to have ID’d it anywhere I can find.

I need to replace a missing TC7PZ17FU also, but that’s not difficult to get.

for some reason I’m not allowed to link, or insert pictures which would greatly help me show people what ocmponent I mean, but it’s on the rear of the board, near to the TC7PZ17FU IC which is the other side of the board to the FPC connector for the joy con.

The component has 6 legs and appears to be a see through IC of some sort. I uploaded it to imgur with the /kOAMZL3 extension to the URL.

If you are talking about the white/transparent one on the left side edge, thats a light sensor

Thats Perfect, thank you… Any idea of a part number?

Dont have , but it tends to be a ROHM ALS

I guess is BH1730FVC-TR from ROHM. It matches "AH* *** " MARKING CODE on the chip from my donor board ones

You, my good sir, are a genius :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help