Can I replace the WiFi ic BCM with a CYW?

I have a defect Switch. The old owner said that it shows sometimes an orange screen. For selling he made a factory reset and now it makes nothing or shows sometimes the Nintendo logo and then nothing more.

Due to the orange screen I would like to change the wifi ic. The ic is an CYW from Cypress and the ic on the doner board is a BCM from Broadcom. Now I would like to know, if this ics are interchangeable.

Anyone experience with both wifi ics?

yeah it’s not a problem, provided the Cypress came from a switch board or has had the correct FW installed on it

Thanks. The donar board is a Switch board.
If I order new ics how can I flash the correct firmware on them?

No worries.
I should just add that I have no idea if Mariko and Lites use the same FW on the wifi IC’s as I currently have a Mariko which has an orange screen and I replaced the IC (twice) and the orange screen remains, either the original rev FW on the IC is not compatiable or the orange screen on my Mariko is unrelated to the wifi IC.

I have no idea tbh, there is quite some info in the datasheet, but it’s a bit of a beast and it’s a long read, there was some talk over on GBATemp about flashing it in L4t ubuntu but I don’t know if they got anywhere with it.

it’s hard to say if the people selling the IC for switch are flashing it specifically or are simply reballing used chips.

If the MAC changes with a replacement, does it possible remove the status banned. Assumed the doner wifi ic is not from a banned Switch.

afaik it’s all tied to the console serial

The case with the Switch where I assumed that the WiFi ic is the cause of a orange screen problem is more complicated. :stuck_out_tongue:

According to the privious owner the Switch stucks on an orange screen during playing Monster Hunter. He told it the situation that the Switch was very warm and couldn t be reseted until several minutes had past. After this he meant that games began to crash more often and then began to show an orange screen in every started program beside the HOS menu. Than he mad an factoryreset before handing be the Switch over and now the Switch not even turns on.

Visual inspection: new factory conditions.

I took the WiFi ic off and tried to boot. No ofw, no atmosphere, no linux boots up. Only hekate starts and the emmc is checkable and backupable. I took the max77621A left from the soc off and replaced two times the max77621A under the soc. But still no Nintendo logo or battery consumtion over 200mA.

Memloader v3 give an error:
[MTC_LOAD] Error during lzma decompression, got 246400 instead of 4294967295 bytes out!

The resistance to ground is a bit off: at the max left from the soc I have 70 Ohms and down from the soc 150 Ohms. I expected 150 and 200 Ohms.

Any ideas?

Does this work under normal circumstances for ofw? I’ve never tried it myself

are you booting Hekate with full UI or text only mode?

Which may be pointing to a Ram issue, though could just as likely be the SoC unfortunately

Have you tried Biskeydump?

Seems about right, I get about 50/80 ohms depending on probe polarity on a few different rev boards

With the WiFi ic off, the Switch should show the first and second logo on ofw and this would confirmed in my case that the problem was the wifi ic. But it was not.

Hekate boots with full GUI menu and touch input.

Biskeydump worked and shows all expected keys.

Interesting, I take it it doesn’t progress further then the second logo and into the OS?

I’d probably start by swapping Ram first, though tbh it’s more likely to be the SoC if your not having issues with Hekate UI and Biskeydump, At which point I’d probably be inclined to transfer the SoC over to another board in case the underlying issue is minor board warp and/or joint & via issues.

I don t know if it will start the OS completely. I saw at an Chinese technician who took the wifi off and was able to see the first and second logo while booting ofw. In his case there was a problem with the max77621 left from the SoC. So he only want to see the both logos and the resolder the WiFi ic.

I haven t finished my previous SoC swap. So I have an prepared mainboard and I m hoping the reballing of the present SoC is a bit faster than the last time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, I’ll have to have a think on that, as it doesn’t make much sense as that’s GPU regulator, if the second logo is coming up it would indicate GPU rail is being generated as far as I remember - though I suppose it could have an unrelated fault.