Can I send in my launch model PS3 for repair?

Hi Tronicsfix!
Yesterday, my launch model PS3 (80GB with hardware backwards compatibility) just had its first yellow light of death. When I bought it off my friend I first brought it to a very respected local tech who took it apart and gave it a good cleaning and applied Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste to both the GPU and CPU. It was working perfectly with no loud fan or anything and the other night I accidentally left it on all night and the next morning I got an error saying it wasn’t shut down correctly and needed to do a check and whatnot. It shut down during this process and wouldn’t turn on again. The same tech who cleaned it said that it’s the NEC capacitors that failed and that he doesn’t do the repair. If I sent it to you, could you repair it for me? I would cover any costs of shipping it to you and back and for parts and labour and whatnot. I would also love to see it as one of your repair videos; it could help other techs who come across the same issue. In short, help me Obi-Tronicsfix - you’re my only hope :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I don’t offer repair services. Sorry about that. I also have very little experience with PS3’s so I wouldn’t be of much help anyway.