Cannot get Ps4 to boot into safe mode anymore

Lately my ps4 has been very laggy and freezes up. Booting took minutes. Shutting down took minutes. I was thinking HD was about to die. Then today I get error CE-36329-3. Trying to fix the issue I booted into safe mode. Rebuild database. System restarts after 10 mins. Still freezing and lagging. I decide to go back to safe mode to update system software. But now can’t get system to boot into safe mode. I tried unplugging it waiting 20 mins. Still nothing. All cords seem fine even tested the hdmi cable . Now when I boot up blue light flashes and then turns to solid white but cannot get it to display on Tv. Tried the turn the TV off and on trick no luck. Is this something more serious than a hard drive? Why would it stop booting into safe mode? Any ideas?

I would get ahold of a second drive and stick it in. If it functions normally then the issue is defo the hdd. From what you are saying it does point to a failing hdd.

Usually when the white light is on without any image on the screen it could be the HDMI cable but could also be the HDMI port. The port can get damaged but plugging/unplugging the HDMI cable, it is possible maybe one of the pins got bent, you can shine a light at the port with some magnification and make sure all the pins are lying flat. If there is a bent ping you might be able to bend it back but be very, very gentle. Otherwise if you are using a known good cable and all the pins look ok, I would change the HDMI port next.

This ended up being hard drive picked up new one works like charm.

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