Cannot start ps4

Hi guys. So one day I was playing Assasin Creed valhalla and my ps4 happened to be making a lot of noise. I still played for a long time. But when i switch to other games like fifa it doesn’t make such sound (idk why). So i play till late night and go to sleep. tomorrow i resume playing for about 3 hrs. I then pack it go wth it somewhr. After a while i switched it on and it only showed blue light. Tried disconnecting and connecting again bt still nothing. Then i powered it on in safe mode. Restarted it. Then this happened, when i switch it on it shows the percentage bar (checking ps4 for any errors,.usually happens when ur ps4 is powered off suddenly). When it completes 100 percent it tells me, “cannot start ps4. Plz connect ur controller via usb”. When i do that it tells le i have to upgrade my system software to watever version. Then it gives me the choice to use either usb or internet.

What might be the problem guys?? Sorry i wrote so long i wanted u to know the whole scenario. If i update it I’m afraid i will lose my games coz they were installed by some other guy’s account