Capacitor or resistor values

Hello everyone!
i’m new here and this is my first post,
I’ve been watching tronicsfix repairs for ages and i’ve always been intrigued by them
we must all know the feeling wanting to repair something yourself so i bought a switch v2

keeping a long story short, i probably have a very uncommon error because i’ve watched so many switch fixes and no one had my problem, but after watching a northridgefix video called “Nintendo Switch a new problem - Won’t power on or charge” it appeared to be one of the caps near the realtek chipset.
As i dont know how to inject voltage (yet) and dont want to make it worse than it is right now.
i decided to remove the same capacitor as he did, and the short went away!

he says now i’m going to get one of a donorboard, but since i dont have any donorboards, can someone tell me what ohm/resistance capacitor i need to buy or even point me to an aliexpress link?
i wanted to embed photo’s but i’m not allowed to by the forum so heres the google drive link: com/file/d/17SiXYDi7JcDeihrMjY39fnrN3Fb5f5tr/view?usp=drive_link

then later on i found another short capacitor, could you tell me what i need to put there aswell ?
it’s near the M93T36 chip com/file/d/1S9gz3MCAjQNl8_5oHZafuEIz-0ELXpOE/view?usp=drive_link

your help would be very VERY much appreciated :heart: