Changing 1mm thick pads for 2mm

Hi everyone. I have a question regarding the thickness of the pads that are used, I know it is 1mm thick but I don’t have any of that for the moment so would something bad happen if I were to put 2mm pads?

I have read that it tends to not power on caused by the preasure the 2mm pads exerts but I don’t know if that is true or not.

If anyone knows about this and can help I would really appreciate it.

PS: my PS4 sounds like a jet so I want to clean it, thing is that the 1mm thick pads that I bought (wasted them all already) tend to rip apart when I take the dissipator off thats why I know I’ll have to replace them once I take my PS4 apart

I have taken my ps4 apart and replaced 2pads with 1mm pads from store. See if tronicsfix has any for sale .

Nah, finally decided to take the risk and well, it works just fine, it makes less noise as I also made the pads the size of the whole ram chip. The only bad thing is that the superior part of the case heats even more than before but well, that’s what happens when the heat dissipasion works better