Charge port changed and no TV display with dock

I know this is a repetitive problem, bit I am stuck on this. The charge port was replaced and charges with charger and dock, no blinking green light just a solid light. I have done every troubleshooting tip except factory reset. I tried it on a brand new dock and no luck. The dock is not bad because the new Switch is able to display on TV. Now if I use a USB-C dongle, I am able to to display on TV. What can else can I do? I really don’t want to do a factory reset.

Did you test all the capacitors around the charge chip and the video chip for shorts?

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What video resolution do you get from the dongle? I had a similar one today. However I could get 480p from the dongle and no video from the dock. In my case I know what it is but I can’t do much about it until I get a donor board.
Things to check, plug the switch into a computer does the it recognise it when you plug the cable in both ways round? If yes then the port is probably ok. You might need to Change the video chip. Check the 5 video filters by the video chip for continuity. In my case the filter on the far left side has died so needs replacing.

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l was able to get 1080p off the dongle. I will check the filters and capacitors…thanks for the help.

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Hey there,
I’d also go with the firlters for starters.

@TechMedics: did you find the problem?

Yes it seems everytime the filter on the far left side blows along with the chip so replacing that makes the video output on the dock work correctly.

I got a donor board off ebay I have used 4 of the filters already. I’ts a
Panasonic EXC24CS Panasonic Common Mode Chokes / Filters BTW you can get them from mouser ect
GBAtemp has a great thread on switch components too

Components used on the Switch (mostly the motherboard and main console

can’t post links :frowning_face:yet though

I haven’t gotten around to it yet, just don’t have the tools to fix. It does produce video out with the USB-C turned around. I used a usb extension for now.