Charging issue, 5,17v - 0A, no short

Hi there!
I have charging issue with the Nintendo switch mb revision is hac-cpu-01.

I don’t find any short on usually place… Multimeter on USB showing 5,17v and 0,02A, coil and usb-c is ok. So i changed new battery and everything is the same 5v and 0,00A, BUT switch power up, show charging when i plug adapter and work without problems, but don’t charging physically, so the battery slowly discharged…

is it still possible that the M91T36 chip will be bad?

Ok now i find one and second short… Next to main chip… but its meaby bad detection with my low-cost multimeter :-D, because I can’t imagine working console with this problem…
Thx for help

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Yes, the M91T36 can be bad with no shorts. I’d start there.