Component values

Any idea of the value of the components around the lock button and fan connector. Device had water damage in this area. Had to jump a wire from testpad 4 cluster E because the power button line was reading OL at the the point before it runs thru 2 components the were burnt looking. I put a filter back in place to complete the circuit to the connector and its working normally now except that the switch will cut off after about an hour. I removed the jumper wire and it stopped cutting off so I’m thinking i should have used something other than a filter or one of the other components are bad. Any help would be appreciated.

Maybe this can help:

Many thanks! Any chance you could link me to the full image? Email is
These look handy. If you made them I’d be will to compensate.

Or post a link to the complete image so all can benefit.

Feel free to pm me, if you are interested.