Cpu and gpu shorts

Hi, just a quick question I wanted to ask as am sure theres someone on here who has experience of working on motherboards on a regular basis. Just was wondering is it normal for the cpu and gpu capacitors to measure as a short?

Hey Biggie, I’m no expert at all, just learning this stuff. I had the same question, I was watching a video (loads of videos) on people repairing a motherboards and one dude happens to mention the same thing, he briefly explained that processors have some sort of switch that when powered off they short to ground, apparently it’s a safety mechanism that drains any power left over in the processor (GPUs/CPUs) so it’s drained out to ground. Had me confused for a while too. Not saying this is absolute fact, just what I picked up. Seems to be the case for all the motherboards I have, as in the caps around the CPU’s all get continuity.

Thanks alot for that, that’s really helped. Thanks perkyparker.