CUH-1115A disc drive problem

So I had someone hand me their PS4 for repair after a lightning storm. Encoder IC was fried, so I replaced that and fixed the HDMI problem. I noticed then that the disc drive is not accepting discs. The drive works on working PS4s, but will not on this one. Working known drives do not work on it either. It is getting power, and I’ve checked continuity on fuses. It beeps on button press, and spins a disc when inserted manually. I’ve compared some of the transistors to a parts board, and they seem to check out. Even checked continuity between ports from daughter board to the motherboard. I’m at a loss on what this problem could be. Any help would be appreciated.

Did some major searching on the board. Figured it had to be on the motherboard. Looking under microscope and testing ohms, I found this transistor and IC was out. It looked like it fried from under microscope, but naked eye I did not see it. Replaced it and works flawlessly now.


Thank you so much for posting the fix for this! I think I’ve maybe had to replace one of those components one time…super rare fix but glad you posted so others with the same problem might see this!

This is the first I came by. I had to changed the HDMI encoder on this as well. I guess whatever surge that passed into this system must of fried both of these. The PSU was good though. The young soldier I was fixing it for was ecstatic when I called him up to tell him the repair was done.


My ps4 won’t take disc what do i do to fix it l?

First of all you have the explain wich are exact symptoms… and ps4 model…

My Ps4 is not a slim or pro it’s the original one but it makes noise when you put in/take out disc

You need to take the disc drive apart, there must be something wrong with mechanism… there are a lot of tutoriala on youtube, it’s pretty easy, you just need proper tools…