CUH-12x need help identifying HDMI circuit component values


I tried to replace the HDMI IC on my PS4 and I messed up, first time trying to soldier a QFN IC. (I expected this, I purchased this WLOD ps4 for a reasonable)

I think I did not do anything so for, that couldn’t be fixed. I have a missing component(probably blew it off) and a bad resistor on the other side of the board (probably too much heat)

Fixing random console stuff is only a hobby for me, so Unfortunately I don’t have donor boards laying around.
Could you help me identify these two part in red rectangles(resistor on the bottom part and the part left to the HDMI IC)? Probably they cost under a dollar, I just don’t know the values of these components.

(I took the pictures from a video made by Andrew Paul on youtube)