Diagnosis Option Not Showing Up In Any Repair Option?

I’m looking to get my Nintendo Switch Repaired through TronicsFix, however the issue is the Mobo Connector for the part that the Separate Micro SD Card Board connects too has broken pins which requires Micro-Soldering, not to mention my Broken Housing Shell, and Joy-Con Drift. I want to get them all repaired if I can, but I have no Diagnosis Option on my end, however the website keeps referencing it when I do Ctrl+F “Diagnosis” has he stopped supporting that, or is it a bug with the website.

We’ve disabled the diagnosis option because we got a lot of consoles that people sent in that were not fixable. We’re hoping people will contact us now to ask if the repair they need is something we fix before sending it to us.
In your case we can fix the connector but we don’t repair Joy Cons or shells.

Thanks for the response, that seems reasonable. What’s your going rate on fixing the Mobo Connector then? I’m planning on sending it in within the next week, and want to set aside the repair cost from my next check.

We charge $119 for a 5 business day repair for that.

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