Disc Drive multiple issues?


I have been working on an original PS4 I received as a gift. There was damage to the HDMI port and pads, so after quite a bit of time and soldering, I got the video restored. Upon powering it on, I found the disc drive was not accepting discs. I took apart the disc drive at least twice so far. The first time, I noticed the rollers were stuck down keeping the door upright. I got it unstuck and everything seems to be moving freely? However, discs still will not go in on their own. I can use the screw to manually get the disc to move in. The laser is turning on and lights up. If I put a disc in manually it will spin up and spit it out.

Any guidance will be much appreciated!


I ended up buying a replacement disk drive and the same issue is occurring. The drive makes noise when starting up like it’s trying to start working, but will never take a disk in on its own. Any thoughts?

Also the eject button does not work even if i manually put a disk into the drive. I know the disk is spinning up once inside though.