DISC DRIVE PROBLEM (please help)

Hello guys.

I have problem with disc drive. Disc drive going very well,before i clean my PS4 (I change thermal paste and I clean PS4 with compressed air.

When I finished the repair, and I turn PS4 on, disc drive made weird sounds and eject button dont beep when I push him.

Video - h t t p s : // y o u t u . b e / q q l w Y 4 b r 4 b Q (Without space)

I rebuild database, reinstal software, no effect)

Can I have damaged ribbon cable?

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Bytheway - I cant put bluray disc to drive.

Take the disc drive apart again and make sure it’s closed properly and that everything is aligned inside.

Test the entry point while you have it apart. You should be able to slide a disc in with the cover off.

Cover on*

Be sure the drive is closed properly. Test the arms and be sure they all move freely. Test the rollers movement as well.

Thank you for help, but ribbon cable was damaged. I bought new and disc drive work perfectly

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I need help my ps4 won’t read discs