Discord Server Idea

Hey, Not sure where else I would put this.

I think a good idea for the community would be a discord server! Everyone can join up and we can have nice chats for repairs and support. And i personally have run large discord servers and i have a decent idea on what we can do :slight_smile:

I’ve considered this idea in the past but just have not done it. What ideas do you have for it?

My ideas for it where the following

#1 - Cool community hang out. Just talk about whatever in general chats

#2 - Announcements for new videos from you with a discord bot that fetches them

#3 - Repair documentation. The community can build and find common issues and document them into a channel that me and other mods of your choosing can post.

#4 - Support with fixing things

If you think its all a good idea, Join the discord and i can start working on it and transfer you ownership and just get it up to your liking :slight_smile:

Discord Code - VEUjXHM

Ya, those are the main ideas I’ve had as well. I’ve had the server set up for a bit already but just am not ready to send out the link yet.

mind inviting me in a DM or something so i can help?