Disk drive in ps4 not working. No YouTube video helps

Hi all,
I have a really odd one. My disk drive has stopped working. Nothing odd about that? But here are the symptoms:

  1. Wont take a disk in (but once in a while it will)
  2. Stripping down the ps4 and the mechanism is fine l, rollers are clean and in position
  3. Manual eject screw works fine and takes a disk in.
  4. If there is no disk in it beeps three times as per normal
  5. If I manually insert a disk and power on it beeps once but does nothing
  6. I can hear very faint click about once a second, a bit like if you have a mechanical external hard drive which is not quite getting g enough power to spin
  7. With the disk in and powered on it doesnt seem to read.

Any advice would be most welcome


Hey there mtullock. Does trying to put a disc in when the system is off cause the PS4 to turn on?

Hi there, yes strangely enough when it’s on rest mode and I put a disk to it, it turns it on and accepts the disk in! Doesnt read it though.

It sounds like it’s just the laser then. The next part is completely up to you and your comfort level taking apart the drive. The nice thing about the original PS4 is that the drives are less expensive and easier to just replace the whole thing.

It sounds like just the laser, or the laser motor in your case and my opinion is that just replacing the whole drive is easiest and most reliable. Most sellers of the PS4 disc drives put warranties on them as long as you don’t open them up to swap any parts out. If you do go that route don’t forget to swap the daughterboard.

Thanks. Why would the lens fault not take a disk in when it is powered on? Will her a new drive and update you:)

Bought a new drive and swapped the daughter board still nothing. So I tested with the new daughter board and works fine (apart from loading of course). So I guess it is the board that’s goosed. Can I do anything to it? Could I reflow it for example?

Clean your board with ipa and a toothbrush, sometimes there are components shorting because of dirt, a posibble solution is swapping renesas chip to te new board…

Cool thanks! Will try the IPA solution first :slight_smile: