Disk Drive Mystery! Can't see the issue, any ideas appreciated :D


I have had a disk drive problem for a few months now and I finally thought I would see if I could ask any help or advice. I have tried to solve it a few times, I’m fairly accustomed to taking the drive out and apart now! I have been taking disks in and out via the manual eject screw for months now and its getting annoying :L lol

Basically it won’t take in or spit out disk. It does make the beep alongside another slight quiet noise, so it knows there is a disk there. And when a disk is inside and I press eject it beeps and the symbol in the top right of the screen shows it is trying to eject. It thinks the disk has been ejected until I restart and again shows the disk is inside.

I have opened it up a few times now, rollers all in place etc, and as I said I have been manually ejecting and taking disks via the screw. I was reading about and have recently been wondering if it could be the sensor switch motor?

I have a fat PS4, has CUH 1116A on it. Worst comes to worst I’ll try replace the full drive.

Thanks for any help!!!