Disk Read Error...CUH-1215a

My PS 4 will Play Blu-Ray Movies perfectly but won’t play regular Dvds or Cds…And it starts to Play My Game and then comes on stating it cannot read the Disk…Please Check if it’s Dirty or is upside down…I don’t understand how it can Play a Blu-Ray Movie and nothing else…Do You think doing a Hard reset would Help.or do I need to buy a New Laser Lens or a New Disk Drive…I can get a New Lens for around $18 Dollars or a New Disk Drive for like $42 Dollars…I’ve tried cleaning the Lens with Alcohol and Q-Tips and then again using just clean Q-tips…Any Ideas?

Usually that’s a laser issue so that’s where I would start.

I took the Laser out of a CUH-1115a and replaced the lens with that…Same part #…Now it will Play My other Movies but still won’t Play My Game or a Store bought Cd…I think the Game itself could be faulty…It tries to Play but soon after I select the mode of Play I want Easy/Normal/Experienced it crashes…The Laser Eye is like $16.91 plus tax and the entire refurbished Unit is around $47 plus Tax…I was trying to not have to buy parts…This is the third one I’ve bought off of Ebay…The First being the CUH-1115a…It worked motherboard wise but the Disk Drive didn’t act like it even had Power…The second one I bought the Seller never bothered to Ship to Me…After about a Month I was able to get My Money back…And this one a CUH-1215a didn’t show signs of Power…So I bought a New Power Supply and put in it as I was doing so I lost the Power Button…Had to order one of those…When working on the Disk Drive I found the Power Button inside…When putting it back together I tried the old Power Supply and it worked…Not sure what the problem was …Now I have a New Power Button and a New Power Supply that I don’t need…Ebay time I guess…After taking apart the Model# CUH-1115a it no longer Powers on and the Eject Button fell out so now it’s and Ebay Sale also