Display Connector

Hey there,

I seem to have ruined the display connector on a switch here (yes, was not careful when reconnecting the display :frowning: ). Backlight still turns on, but nothing shows up on the screen. Cable looks ok, screen worked before. Does anybody have a part number and manufacturer on that display connector? Seems like one or two pins are bent, I can definitely see that, but I cannot seem to bend them back.
Any information would be appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh, the digitiser works, too! So I guess it’s only the connector.

I don’t know of a part number or supplier but I have heard that it’s the same as on the Nintendo 3DS XL. I haven’t checked myself so I can’t say for sure.

You can get the switch displays on ebay as for the connectors you’ll need a donor board for that

Hey there,
@tronicsfix: Thanks Steve for the info. At first glance the connector of the lower 3DS screen looks the same, indeed. The cable and pincount is identical. Will try to find out the maufacturer.

@PinkLightning: Seems like you can get the connectors alone on ebay or alibaba for quite cheap. Like, not-worth-desoldering-from-another-board cheap. And it’s a hell of a job to desolder those connectors in one piece without damaging them.