Dock charges but doesn't always display to tv

Hey so my dock doesn’t display to the tv when the switch is inserted correctly. I took the dock apart and tried the switch backwards and it displays. I have a small usb-c dock for portability and it only displays when inserted in a single direction. From what I can see(remember) the pins look fine in the switch but I am thinking I might need to clean them up.

From your describe, mostly the port IMO

This can be a mixture of things. Give the port a thorough inspection and if it’s OK, I’d review the P13USB IC which manages orientation switching of the video signals depending on the orientation of the connector. I’ve seen partial damage of this chip before causing it to be locked to one orientation. Also check the filters on the outgoing part of the chip to make sure there is continuity. If this chip has been replaced before, then I’d look to properly reseat it. Get too much solder in the central pad and it will float too high and break contact with the pins around the edge. A real trap for new-starters.

If neither of those things are causing the problem, then in extreme cases I’ve seen the M92 cause the issue where it struggles with the CC lines and doesn’t provide the necessary discrete signal to trigger the P13 to switch orientation.