Don’t know if belongs here 2DS

Couldn’t find anything in business, and not sure if I should be posting here, I have an old 2DS the flat one. I had played Pokémon omega Ruby and almost had an entire living dex, I know I didn’t trade the whole thing to my poke bank, but I still put a lot of rare and valuable stuff in there. My older sister broke it on accident (broke the screen) and when I tried to fix it I ended up getting side tracked. I still have the main system with the board and all but it’s missing a lot of pieces, mainly smaller things like the joystick, I think the wireless transmitter, and anything attached to the back casing of the ds. I tried to buy a new 2ds and download poke bank and all that but apparently to connect my nintendo account to a new ds I would have to first erase the old ds from my account and unlink it which would apparently cause my to loose all those Pokémon. I would like to get the system fixed and turning back on to hopefully be able to just put my password in and get into my pokebank. Can I send it to like an official tronics repair place? Or does anyone know of a place that could diagnose the system, see what it’s missing, and put it back together for a reasonable price? Sorry if not allowed here.

I guess the obvious thing you could try is just swapping the old motherboard into the new 2DS?

I wanted to try, but I’m not 100% sure myself what it’s missing and what not, I also don’t have all the equipment and honestly the time to do it.