Drisc drive sounds like it's screeching

So before I knew about Tronics, I followed I think three other ps4 teardown videos. They all said the same thing, just yank out the ribbon cable connecting the motherboard to the disc drivers board. By the time I discovered Tronics it was already too late and the small pieces on the ribbon cable are broken off probably inside the connectors. I got a new ribbon cable but I think I need to change out the connectors. The problem is, I don’t know what connectors I’m looking for.

If you wanna know the problem with the disc drive, at first it refused to “eat” the discs so I couldn’t insert any of my games. Then it started accepting the discs but either didn’t place them down or refused to actually read them. Now after getting a new ribbon cable, if I insert a disc it makes a horrible sound like someone’s scratching a sharp shard of glass on a chalkboard and I’m scared to put a disc in it now.

The problem might not be the connectors but I don’t know what else it could be. I’ll accept any help thank you.

Could you post a video of the sound its making?