Dualshock won't charge battery (battery OK)

I have a Dualshock 4 controller which does not charge batteries. The battery charges fine with another controller. I also tried charging it with a known working charging USB/cable. So the fault must be in the PCB.

The controller draws only 0.05A when plugged into a PC or compatible charger. I tried several known working batteries with around 3.7V. This is same current when you plug in a controller without a battery. The normal charging draw rate is about 0.1-0.4A.

There are no other problems with the controller and it works with charged battery. Any troubleshooting tips?

The board is JDM-055

Same problem here. In my case, the controller works via bluetooth until the batterie is empty. I can not connect with usb to PS or PC for playing, but when measuring the voltage provided to the batterie over usb there is 3,7 Volt (measured without the batterie). Batterie doesnt charge. Any ideas?