First switch fix attempt went wrong

I tried my hand at fixing a switch and seem to have made it worse. It would turn on if i charged the battery from a different switch but the battery wouldnt charge. I replaced the usb c port and that didnt change anything. I checked for shorted caps near the usb power chip and nothing. Checked for shorts near the battery ic chip and had some so i went and replaced it or attempted to and now the switch wont turn on. Anyone have any idea as to what to do?

I would try resoldering/reflowing the bq24193 again and check if each pin from this ic is making good contact with its pad.

Okay ill give it another try i tried to pre solder each pad on the chip but my solder wouldnt stick i am using flux

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So i resoldered the usb because i did it before and it didnt look good and noticed the 3rd from the left back row pad is gone. I also redid the battery chip and i looked on all sides they looked aligned and it still wont charge or turn on

I would check if voltage goes to BQ and 4.2v present next to 2R2 coil. Also max17050 battery gauge ic on the other side motherboard

Where would these locations be?