Fuse - charging potr

Hi. On the begining please forgive me spelling, this is not my native language so I can make mistakes.

I just unsolder fuse situated couple mm up to charging port.

Can you tell me about the value of this fuse becouse I need to by a new one to change.

Thank you in advance for your help.

As far as i know is a fuse, corect size it’s 0402, 2.5-3.5A 32V
I think you can try this:


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Thanks for fast reply.
After change I will write if it works or not.

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Hey there,
Fuse was changed. I bought size 0402 3A 32V. Letter on the top fuse is “P” but i found picture of motherboard which has “V” Letter. What do you think does it matter?

Before fuse changing, when charged battery was connected console works properly. After operation I have shorts on capacitors around MAX77621 and capacitor above USB port.
And another on back side MAX77620.
I will ty to add photos later.
A shorts also occurs when a fuse has been soldered off.
Any idea what goes wrong?

You can try to make just a simple bridge instead of the fuse and see what happens.

Nothing was change.
The shortage is still on the compensator above than the fuse. It arises even when there is a bridge and when there is a fuse.
Should I change the compensator? USB-C?

Yes, change that capacitor…

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Yesss yess. As you said. After capacitor change console start work properly. Great thanx.

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