HAC-001 switch freezing randomly

I have been troubleshooting this switch trying to find out why it randomly freezes. First it had a serious battery drain issue I took a known good working battery and replaced the battery that was in the switch now it charges properly and I verified the current it is going into the fast charge properly. I have initialized the switch to make sure it was not a software issue causing this problem and it froze in the middle of the setup process. I cleaned all of the old thermal paste off of the CPU the heat sink and the back plate and replaced it with silver thermal paste this let the switch run for about an hour without freezing then afterwards it started freezing the same as before.

So far I have not tested capacitors resistors or chips on the board for shorts I’m asking for help here because I don’t know if the switch would run if any of these items would be shorted. The issue seems to be related to how hot the switch gets so are there any common issues with chips desoldering due to heat over time.

With basic visual inspection and not removing the motherboard I have not been able to find any obvious issues with chips being connected to the board or any connectors with poorly soldered pads.

Does the fan spin at all?