Help ID caps near SoC

A couple caps near the SoC were mysteriously crunched… Let’s not talk about how.

It’s the 2 wicked tiny ones immediately to the left of the SoC. Does anyone know they’re values or if they’re even necessary?

I would than replace the both mysteriously crushed caps with
0201 0.1µF 6.3V or 10V.

If they are missing/defective the Switch will not boot or hang on the boot logo.

A cap as connection between two lines is in most cases an issue, if the cap is missing.

My question regarding if they are required comes from experience with desktop processor where sometimes you can bridge the pads if one of the small SMD caps are damaged. Many of those caps are there just for manufacturing tolerances.

Thank you for the info!

Bridging a decoupling cap in any device circuit is not fun and most case leads to create a short circuit to draw undersigned current.

I don’t see any reason manufacture would waste money putting on caps if they are not in need. They are, on the other hand, way smarter than you think saving every penny on the PCB design. Bank of same value caps design is not tolerance but minimizes the dimension of single cap with high value.

You not observing any defect by removing or bridging a cap doesn’t mean the extra mA current leakage or shortage of voltage filtering capacitance has not effect on the surrounding chipset. In some cases 100mV noise is critical and would lead to poor CPU performance or malfunction

You gotta relax, friend. I used the qualifier “sometimes.” I didn’t universally say that those caps are pointless.

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Nothing to relax friend, I have zero tolerance on misleading info or idea share that potential effect on more junior DIYer or electronic repair hobbies.