Help with continually lifting pads :(

Hi guys,

I’m hoping someone can help here.
I’ve been repairing electronics for almost a year now, and it’s going quite well, but I’m still having problems with lifting/burning off pads when desoldering, especially when I’m replacing analogue sticks on controller boards.

I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve turned my soldering iron way down but it still happens.
Could it be the flux that I am using? As the only flux I have is a huge tub of plumbers flux (tried to be economical when buying). Would the type of flux be causing the pads to burn/lift?

Any help or advice would be great guys


yeah your flux might be playing a part in it, plumbers flux is considerably more aggressive than electronic flux.

I use Amtech or kingbo flux, the stuff i have is very likely a knockoff as i got in aliexpress but it seems to work fine.

Also if your using wick, then not enough heat can also be the problem, resulting in the joint turning cold, the wick sticking and causing damage.

Ah ok. I’ll get me electronics flux. Thanks pal.

I don’t use solder wick, I have NEVER successfully desoldered anything using solder wick haha. I always just seem to flatten the solder into the hole :see_no_evil:

Also forgot to mention.

Quality 63/37 leaded solder will really help too in order to lower the temps. Avoid the junk on ebay, amazon, aliexpress etc despite what they might say on the label or the item description this stuff isn’t leaded… seems to be whatever alloy they had laying around that they could toss in the melt pot.

Instead grab some from a legit distributor, mouser, digikey etc. I use chip quick 63/37, think you can pick it up on mouser for about a tenner for a large roll.

Plumbers flux is too corrosive for electronics. Stick with a rosin based flux made for electronic component soldering.

  1. AMTECH NC-559-V2-TF no-clean tacky solder flux

  2. Chipquik Tack Flux no clean

  3. MG Chemicals - 8341-10ML 8341 No Clean Flux Paste
    Are examples to check out.

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