How do I work this thing?! LOL

So I just bought this, but it comes with no instructions. It has multiple types of usb ports (in & out).
If I want to check if something is charging properly, do I plug it into the the USB IN socket, or the USB OUT socket? I would presume that I plug it into the USB IN socket and the USB out sockets are just to power on the device. Correct?


In is coming from your power source. Then the out into the device.
I use a different one but, i plug the “in” into the plug then a USB cable from the out into the switch. The screen should then show you what Volts and Amps for going through it.

Look like on your model you may have different “in” types, guess that just means you can use different cable to power it.

What model is it? Where did you buy it from?

Ok great thanks. How much volts/amps is good and how much is bad?

I’ve attached a screenshot of the device in Amazon.