How to fix Nintendo switch logo

hi friends, i need yours help, because my Switch wont to turn on : When I turned it on it was shortly displaying the “Nintendo” screen and then the screen is stuck indefinately on the Nintendo Switch logo , does not even enter into recovery mod.
I dismantled the entire console to the motherboard, and looked for shorts : I checked the IC Chip BQ24193, the M92T36 chip, and others on the front of the motherboard without finding anythings.
instead looking for shorts in the back of motherboard and I found some shorts, but
I don’t understand what caused tehse shorts.
would anyone be kind enough to help me with my problem?
ps. I photographed and marked the short circuits that I identified


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What’s the charging amperage when you have it plugged in?


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I think when those caps are shorting, your main chip (on the front) is burned out.
My expirience is limited, but if it is true, I think there is nothing you can do.

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Hey there,
lots of those caps are shorted out even in known good consoles. Problem is that measurements usually are done with the device turned off. So in many cases you don’t know if there really is a short. You don’t know if there’s a defective input/output of an IC or if that pin might even be shorted out on purpose if the device is switched off.
As far as I know many (out of my head I’m not sure if all to be honest with you) of those are shorted out even in known good consoles.
If your console doesn’t go into fast charging I’d rather look at the M92T36 or BQ24193.

@gaggiame: by “recovery mode”, do you mean RCM or the mode where you can factory reset?