Http:// - Nintendo Switch - No Power Consoles - Available in Bulk

kkholdingselectronics is now live and ready for you to purchase your Nintendo Switch Units with No Power.

All of my units that I sell are received and repackaged directly from the liquidation company I purchase from and then sent to you. These units are customer returns to retail stores or warranty exchanges. The units have not been opened or worked on by me.

Thanks Everyone!

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I couldn’t edit the original post so I am adding a reply for website pictures.

Write on your website that K&K Holdings Electronics is an online marketplace that sells new, used, refurbished, returned, end-of-life and non-functioning consumer electronics and I.T. products, but I see that you have only two Switch for sale and so on. It does not upset me and no offense but it looks a bit dubious your site and honestly does not inspire my confidence…

It is a new website and all my items that I will have posted are not on the website yet. There is no offense taken as I welcome constructive criticism. What could I add or change that would inspire your confidence?

Thank you for the feedback

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I would like more transparency to look exactly like a site that offers something for sale. It looks very annoying and practically doesn’t make me stay on the site for more than 3 minutes. Take real pictures with the products you sell, make me want to buy. Thx

The website was created for a niche in that you can directly purchase certain new, used, and salvage products that you cannot on a normal site outside of EBay.

I can see how the “about” section wording may cause confusion. I will update the wording to reflect what I currently have in inventory.

Thank you for your feedback

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I’m glad. You’re welcome!