I took apart my ps4 and now the blue light comes on for a second then it turns off

I dont know what to do and need help

Check and see if you connected everything back to where it should be. Especially the power supply connector, and make sure the power supply is seated down all the way on its two prongs.

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To clarify what all i did. I took it apart from the top down and got all the way to getting the fan out. Then i put it back together and now im having problems

Usually this means there is an issue with the solder joints on the apu or south bridge chip. Make sure you tightened the clamp on the processor as tight as you can. If that doesn’t work try adding a washer under both sides of the clamp and tightening again. Unfortunately, if that doesn’t work either the only fix is reballing the apu/south bridge, but that’s almost impossible without the right tools. In any of these cases though the fix is temporary and it will probably fail again sooner or later.

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