Intermittent signal when docked

Hi everyone,

Awhile ago I bought a Nintendo Switch with a bent USB-C pin which needed replacing. It took me a couple of tries but I was able to switch out the port with a new one; it is able to dock and charge with both sides.

The only issue that I have with it, is that if the switch slightly wobbles in the dock, it seems to lose connection and needs to be taken out and re-seated. If the switch hasn’t been used in awhile, it will not work at all, and needs a good clean with IPA on the port before providing signal again.

I was wondering if anyone knew what the issue might be? Do you reckon it might be worth reflowing the port again or could it be an issue with another chip on the board? Cleaning seems to work but only as a temporary solution. I suppose I could attempt to bathe the whole motherboard in IPA as I used a lot of flux and attempts when fixing it.

Any thoughts? Cheers!

One of ours behaves a bit like that, but worse, in our case the port is manually wired with jumpers, and while it is definatly wired correctly, i think its the different wire lengths that are causing it. It may be similar with yours, maybe some pins are connected but are providing higher resistance that expected due to burned plastic or something.

Just to try, replace IC video. This was my solution in a similar case of yours

This is just flux in the port. you need to clean the flux out.

what I do is use a file on the pins to mechanically remove the flux.