Is there any way to provide power to the cmos battery while changing it?

Hi all, today I found out that apparently on ps4s if the cmos battery dies, the disc drive and digital games will no longer work until the console is re-verified on psn. For most people on the newest firmware this won’t be an issue. But I have a ps4 on 1.52 that I would like to keep working, and since I can’t sign into psn on it without updating, im not sure what to do. Does anyone have suggestions on how to potentially provide power to the cmos while I change it?


Don’t see any reason why you couldn’t put another battery in parallel with the existing one or provide it from other means

You mean attaching wires to another battery to temporarily provide power to the console? I could try that on my main ps4 to see if that works

Yeah, don’t see why it wouldn’t work