Joy-con not connecting wirelessly, works fine in handheld mode

Hi everyone, hope someone can help me fix my sons Right Joy-con!

It works completely fine when connected to the switch in handheld mode, charges etc…no problems whatsoever.

When we try to use it wirelessly it wont connect at all. I’ve tried all the software-side fixes but it still won’t connect. It tries to (lights on the rail when trying to find signal) but doesn’t get recognised by the console.

I’ve taken it apart to have a quick look, but its the first time I’ve opened up a Joy-con and don’t want to poke around too much without getting some advice.

I’ve attached some pictures of what it looks like in its current state in the hope someone who knows more than me about these things can notice something obvious.

If anyone could tell me if there’s something I can do (or replace) it would be hugely appreciated!


EDIT. Sorry, theres an option to add pictures, but then tells me I can’t add pictures…so i tried adding links and it tells me i cant add links :man_facepalming:

Just break the links by removing the dots or something so they are not valid, then you can post them.