Looking for Capacitor size and value

This is for the HAC-001(-01), Recently picked up a water damaged switch one of the caps flew off into the void while cleaning and i am looking to double check the values, right now i am having a hard time looking for a reference for the cap.

Right now the issue that its causing from what i can tell is that the Fans run 100% when powered off.

I checked an alternate board with the cap and i got the following.(used a cheap checker)
esr=95 ohm
No clue on what the size is other than its small as heck.

Link to image here [Preformatted text](https://pasteboard.co/Rh9TxFgI6vtD.jpg)

Also it measured with my cheap calipers at 0.79mm in length i think its a 302/805 package

I bet you get the 68.32uF value measured when the cap still in circuit.
My measurement is 120nF off circuit, and it should be a 0201(0.6mmX0.3mm) package

@jkyoho Thank you love you, and yea i measured with it on the board :face_with_peeking_eye: